Whatever anyone struggles with –
there is a way to accept it, use it, and transcend it.
— Angela Palmieri


I believe I received this diagnosis for a higher purpose…  to use my experience to help others find their resilience and thrive no matter what they face—starting first, with their mindset and internal dialogue.  Whatever anyone struggles with there is a way to leave the experience better than before.  You accept it, use it and transcend it. 

For me, breast cancer was a catalyst of change in my life and those around me.  Along the way, I learned each person facing cancer has a different experience, and there is not a right or wrong way to handle it, everyone does their best.  However, a common theme I witnessed and lived, is that regardless of the diagnosis or treatment plan…  it is a fight to some degree. This ‘FIGHT’ if you choose to ‘use it’ can become a TRANSFORMATION.  So, in sharing my story I hope to shine a light on the unknown and encourage others to thrive through any adversity they face each and every day. 


“You will die someday, just not from this,” is what Angela heard when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer.  After processing the shock, something inside her decided to change her mindset and use her diagnosis for the better.  And so launched a journey of transformation not just physically, but mentally and spiritually into a Grateful Warrior.

From discovering her diagnosis through choosing reconstructive surgery, Angela shares how the power of her ‘intention to heal’ mindset became her anchor.  Shot exclusively with an iPhone, she shares intimate thoughts and feelings around awaiting results, crucial treatment decisions, using cold cap therapy, chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.  Interlaced throughout are her doctors, family and friends providing candid, thoughtful and poignant perspectives.

This story pulls back the curtain on Angela's experience with cancer to expose the unknowns that come with this journey.  Grateful Warrior aims to encourage, elevate and educate through mindfulness, intention and gratitude.